Thursday, September 16, 2010

So much growing, so little time

Maxon went to his 4 month appointment last week, as well as started his "school"/playgroup.  And to through more busy in our lives, I worked THREE days.  On Sunday, Tyson and I enjoyed our sleeping in.  We deserved it! 

So our calm before the storm started on a Monday in which we had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do!  I know, I know......doesn't happen very often with a 4 month old, but we didn't ask questions.  Our errands were done and housework would always be there, so we packed the diaper bag and headed out for the day.  We did our old shopping/resturant hopping day and loved every bit of it.  On Tuesday, while Daddy went off to work, Max and I started the first day of Outdoor Classroom.  On our last session, during the summer, Max was too young and slept for most of the class.  This time around, he squealed in delight.  As we sang songs, he giggled.  Max recognized his friend Luke and played with the other little babes.  And when we went on a walk, like the other babes, he fell asleep as the mommies chatted.  It was a nice chilly day in Balboa Park so the walk warmed us up.  After our playgroup, Max and I ventured out to the beach for a quick run and to put our feet in the sand.  So glad that our summer has been a cool one......

On Wednesday, I went off to work as Max and Daddy helped Uncle Sam get settled in San Diego.  Sam moved to San Diego a few weeks ago to be closer to our little family and Max couldn't be more excited.  He is looking forward to the many Zoo trips.  We did the quick swap from Daddy to Mommy at 430 and Max and I headed to the Farmers Market and dinner with our friend Nikki.  After a quick bath, Max was off to slumberland.  On Thursday morning, while the our Fantasy Football draft was taking place, Max had his 4 month appointment.  He weighed in at 17 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 28 inches.  We got the go ahead to feed him solids and to wrap the appointment up, Max got shots, which he didn't seem phased by.  He was more aggrevated, if anything, because we were holding his arms and legs down.  My only "urgent" question for the peditrician........."Is it normal for him to sleep sooooooo much?"

Friday was another full day of work and baby sign class in the morning. For a little me time, Saturday was my first Track Club meeting.  I am going to be training for the half marathon in Janurary so this gives me strict training under my belt.  We ended the busy week on Sunday with a BBQ over our friends house (where he also recieved his first bite from their little girl.....POOR BABY!). 

And so another week for us and we are again busy running around with a Babywearing meeting, Outdoor Classroom, dinner over Aunt Rachel's house, Baby Sign, Baby Sign/Story Time, as well as work and the usual load of housework.  LOVE IT ALL!!!!

Max is rolling all over the place (back and forth), has started eating rice cereal and is on formula.  His first feeding, my favorite, is our breastfeeding time, but because he eats so freaking much, formula fills him up better.  He has started to notcie when Tyson and I aren't there and will whine.  I am hoping that this is not the beginning of attachment problems.  Maxon is also starting to sit up better, but still leans over so it might take some time until he is able to do it on his own. 

Now for the cuteness.......

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