Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Shower

We had an exceptional baby shower this past weekend, despite our weather woes. It was no worry for us, however, because we had a gazebo to cover our large party and the beautiful scenery distracted any worry for us. Tyson and I were honored by the amount of people that showed up to help celebrate the upcoming family member and were taken even more by surprise of the gifts that people brought us. Our friend Keith gave us Nikes, Air Forces, Lebron's to last until Max is a year. My mom bought us Max's homecoming outfit and our friend Chantel and Cole bought us the CUTEST socks with fire engines----these are just to name a few. We received endless amounts of clothes, bottles, toys, bibs and hats. We also got our favorites......GIFT CARDS! Now we can get the last minute items to complete his nursery.

I started another round of yoga at Sharp Hospital and while I wasn't too fond of the first class, I enjoyed myself on the second round. I felt lighter and more relaxed afterwards. I know Max enjoyed himself, but thought it was a boxing class, rather than a meditation class. He was throwing jabs and punches as I was leaning into lunges. On tonight's yoga class, Max relaxed more and so did I. These yoga classes are such a treat for me and I cannot get enough of them!

Seems like he is every so busy in his womb because he is constantly moving, especially during chow time. I don't know if it is because he is getting restless or just excited with what I am eating/talking about/doing at the time. He is thankfully not active at night so I am assuming he is sleeping, like he should once he is born. From what I hear from friends and other pregnant women, sleeping becomes extremely uncomfortable at this stage with many trips to the bathroom, heartburn, and an active baby. With the exception of peeing a lot, I am sleeping amazingly ****knock on wood!****

A first for me today----my craving for raw onions. I had an urgent need to eat raw onions today so for lunch, I ordered a burger with extra onions. I couldn't get enough of the onions and almost ate them by themselves, but held back. The intense bitterness, spiciness and crunch is all I can think of. And instead of being offended by my stinky breath, Tyson happily joins in my onion obsession.

This is my last week of working five nights a week and I am looking forward to having more time to organize for Max's arrival. I am finding that working the 5 long shifts has taken a toll on my back and legs and with my belly getting in the way, it is for the better. I am hoping that April 1 will begin my time off, but it may be sooner than anticipated. I am physically feeling up to working the shorter shifts, but my expanding belly is just too much for what I do at work. I also understand that I need to take more care of my body and not push myself. I started feeling sick after the baby shower on Sunday and realized how much work and strain I had put on my body. After a long night's sleep and some soothing tea, I felt 100% on Monday morning. It was by body telling me to take it easy and I am learning to listen to it very carefully.....

With that said, my body is telling me that I NEED A BOWL OF CEREAL! My late snack is calling my name.

Grandpa D and Daddy T giving a cheers to Max


Tys and I with a few of the Grandmas

Cake by our friend Nikki! Gorgeous!

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  1. I love that cake! Not just because its cake (:P) but because its so darn cute! what a talented friend you have!

    KEEP DOING THE YOGA! I haven't been able to do any excercise anymore because my pelvic and back pressure/pain are so intense and I miss the yoga most of all. I'm so happy you're having good nights of sleep and little discomfort! That is a wonderful blessing. Just please do start to tapper off all your crazy busy days to a more relaxed pace and take it easy, momma! Lots of love,